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gongtheplanet — May 11, 2010 — On May 1st, 2010 The Conduit participated in a world wide gongathon inspired by fellow gong player Michael Bettine.

The premise:

Most countries celebrate their military might on May 1st. To counter balance this enormous expenditure of energy and celebration of ego. Gong players around the world took part by playing their gongs from Noon-1pm local time to raise the vibration for mother earth and her inhabitants. This is a sample of The Conduit's contribution for the world wide gong a thon.

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The performers in this video are Grieg Blair, Emily Wallis, and J. Thomas

The structure housing the gongs is our 3/4 elemental geometric icosahedron representing change and flow. The gongs used are as follows:

38" Paiste Earth Sound Creation
38" Paiste Earth Year OM
32" Paiste Mercury
30" Paiste Platonic Earth Year
28" Paiste Sidereal Earth Day
24" Paiste Uranus
24" Paiste Neptune
24" Paiste Venus
24" Paiste Syndonic New Moon


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