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What was your first gong experience like? Where did you Get Gonged?
Did you experience the gong chair?

My first experience was in the Gong Chair at Owen's house. I still have trouble finding the words for it... I could only think... "What is this? this is so crazy... what kind of sounds are these?" I'll be perfectly honest. I was a bit more consciously aware of my body and the people around me for my first gong chair experience. I've found that each time I'm gonged it's even more easier for me to slip into the loss of body sensation that I love so much. I got out of the chair... and all I could say was "wow... this is amazing". It sounds strange but even the next day I felt like something amazing stuck with me.

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My first Gong experience was two doors down from Alchemy Juice Bar and Cafe on January 3. It was in a group setting so it created a dynamic experience with a lot of different energy flowing. It was so cleansing to have this meditation and clear my head for the new year. I gained a new sense of feeling from the concert and can't wait to participate again. I have not been able to stop telling people what a great thing the conduit is doing. I have kept that feeling within for this whole week and hope with each time I experience the gongs the sensation will stay longer and longer.
I actually can't remember for sure, but it was a long time ago. A couple of years ago, a crystal bowl group started out the jam session with a Gong. I started this fall having it be a key part of my vibe sessions. Now I do "first gongs" as in new environments, like over new years....Have added some photo's to share. Gonging and Bocce, awesome mix !!!

I remember bowling out in Gina's attic with Guy right after he first got the his set from Dave. I think at first I was pretty skeptical, not into meditation, eastern philosophy, a true greenie. But something triggered, and I had no idea it had even occurred... I kept coming back. I remember Guy playing with the bowls and feeling more and more at ease around them. It was only a few times later that I could identify that I felt the "lock." Finding a zen mind state became automatic with the bowl's soft ringing. I would hear them just playing in a house and I would transport right into that zone.
The first time I got gonged was at camp creek. I can remember the focus taken right out of my consciousness. The chatter in my head stopped and I took an instant vacation from life.
The night I first got gonged was an amazing night in itself. It was a beautiful spiritual awakening for me at the Coalessence Festival in Eureka Springs, AR. I was drawn to the sound of the gongs and knew at once that I was in the presence of something special and sacred. After the gong bath, I was in complete awe and wonder of the experience and at didn't notice the tears of joy that were falling down my cheeks until they were wiped away by one of the gongers. I felt extremely powerful and aware of everything energetically when it was over and started an om circle that was inspired by the sound of the primal vibrations of the gongs. It was an unforgettable experience. "Special" is an extreme understatement when describing the gonging... thank you for all that you have done and all you are doing. This is an important service to humanity-- a connection of the physical self to the indwelling divine self.
Well... I had my first gong experience today. It was amazing. It was a little difficult to tune out the sound of cars and people- but I did a pretty good job at it I think. As I laid there with my eyes closed, I could feel the vibes and go through my body. I had become so relaxed that I could not even tell if my fingers where spread apart or closed.When it was over I did not want to get up...lol.
I was a bit nervous...but I definitely want to do it again and I know each time I will be able to focus more and more :) Thank you!

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