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Our Mission is to stimulate a massive global awakening of conscious awareness, whereby the hope which exists can be realized by the masses; through the mind-expanding activity that is Tragedy and Hope, our online interactive multimedia magazine.

By introducing perspectives which unite rather than divide, Tragedy and Hope sparks a shift in universal awareness that inspires critical thinking, logic, reason, and emotional responsibility in its audience; delivering a model for a just and sustainable society.

Sign up for Tragedy And Hope today and become a part of a highly intelligent community which delivers key information beyond the realm of spoon-fed mainstream media.

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if you or anyone you know is tired of spoon-fed for-profit media driven content about what is actually relevant and critical to each person in their everyday life, it is time to awaken. Our good friends Rich and Lisa at 8thestate have spent the last few years of their lives gathering information and the resources, to put together the only answer for this pandemic of information subterfuge.

I encourage everyone to flip through their demo at 8thestate.com and see how it begins to alter your hunger for the truth, the unadulterated, unbiased, humanistic truth. Unless fear rules your heart and mind, you won't stop until you get it all-

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