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I have been seeking the sound since I was a little child. I was turned on to certain types of music that brought me closer to what was in my head & heart through the years. I studied electronic music back in the seventies. Followed the Grateful Dead around for a few years back in the late seventies & early eighties. I always had a job & was responsible but I was continuously searching for the sound...


I have been selling & using singing bowls for about 6 years now. Until I was Gonged at Rothbury I did not know what the sound truly was. Now I get it & incorporate it in my work. I use Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, bone, stones, feathers & wood when I work on clients. The bowls help to relax & release pent up energy that needs to get moved up & out. The other tols are for their healing properties.

The Gonging helped me to get to this level. I hope to be using gongs soon. That will be determined by when & where I find the space to setup the gongs. 


I look forward to this new year for bringing us all closer to the sound.







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