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Jeff and Travis helped bang away in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The Great Strides puts on "Walk-a-Thon" events to raise money for the cure for cystic fibrosis. The walk took place at the serene Wickham Park, right across the street from the Center. So naturally our team was out there, excited for another opportunity to spread good vibrations in the community.

The weather was perfectly sunny (Jeff picked up some color) and quite breezy (it almost carried us off with a gong-sail) and made for a beautiful day. Kids seemed to be ever abundant and excited about the gong-rides that were available. All in all, a lot of money was raised for a cause very dear to a member of The Conduit family and the park got a its gonging inception. We hope to be rocking it out there again real soon!

Click on the link for tons of pictures taken at the event from the talented Maureen Edwards!

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