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What a success! We are so grateful for the generous turnout from our friends and community. Pam and the staff at the Friendship Center Soup Kitchen were so thrilled with the delivery of our collections.

We were very blessed with beautiful weather of warm sunshine and a cool breeze throughout the day. The Conduit crew was busy giving demonstrations, waterside walks along the falls, and Center tours all day long. Emily uploaded lots of great pictures on Facebook from her shots during the Food Drive. Check them out here.

The Conduit was joined by the talented Sheena who was busy all day giving smiles away with her face painting. Her work adorned many and helped raise the celebratory feeling of the day. We will surely be partnering with her services in the future. The lovely Carol Chipkin was also kind enough to hang out for a good part of the day.

Thanks again for all the love. We'll see ya out there~

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